Early County Clubhouse/CSI/SST2

To provide resiliency support services at the EARLY County Mental Health Clubhouse site for children & adolescents which involves: daily transportation for clubhouse youth members, academic support/afterschool tutoring; health and wellness skills development; providing support during weekly STEAM activities; facilitating psycho-educational and recovery ba

Social Service Provider 2, Licensed - Apex School-Based Therapist

GENERAL NATURE OF WORK:  Under general to limited supervision, performs social services functions at an advanced level to consumers and their families. Responsibilities include completion of complex psychosocial assessments, treatment team participation, treatment planning/ monitoring and discharge planning. Provides counseling/therapy to consumers requi


GENERAL NATURE OF WORK: Provision of educational and employment needs for up to 30 clients. Linkage to community and stakeholder resources related to education and employment. Staff is required to meet minimal contacts per month with each client, provide collaborative documentation, attend collaborative meetings with staff and other youth serving st

Social Service Technician 3- Team Lead

GENERAL NATURE OF WORK: Provides a broad range of paraprofessional social services to patients/clients/individuals served and their families. Conducts patient/client/individual intakes, participates in treatment team planning, and performs crisis intervention. Assist in dealing with personal and social problems. May provide supportive counseling to consumers and families and/or serve as a liaison for social services. May perform case management duties. QUALIFICATIONS: Entry qualific

Certified Peer Specialist - Youth

Position Title:                         Full Time Certified Peer Specialist-Youth Position Number:                  Employee:                            Work Unit:                              Aspire Youth and Young Adults County:            

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