Instructor 1 (1:1 For Enhanced Support)

Aspire Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities Services Job Description




Position Title: Instructor I (1:1 Coverage)- SSS011                       Status: Non-Exempt                             


Position Number:                                                        


Date:   01.02.2020 Revision Review                               




Work Unit: I/DD – Day Services:                                              County:                                              


Immediate Supervisor's Title: SST III – Day Services Care Plan Coordinator                                            


List positions supervised through immediate contact: None                                                                   




Entry qualifications include High school diploma or GED equivalent with One year experience providing social or direct care services to groups of special needs individuals in a human service setting OR Associate degree in a related field OR One year experience at the lower level or position equivalent. Possess basic reading, writing, and math skills; able to lift 50 pounds; able to complete Crisis Intervention training; able to use a computer; able to maintain a valid driver's license and able maintain valid auto insurance.  

Ability to observe and monitor individuals' behavior. Ability to assist and supervise individuals with daily living activities.  Knowledge of agency confidentiality policies.  Knowledge of individualized plans.  Ability to develop individualized plans.  Knowledge of the documentation process.  Ability to build relationships with community employers.  Knowledge of pertinent state, federal, local laws, and rules and regulations.  Ability to serve as a liaison between all interested parties.  Ability to serve as a member of the treatment team to develop individuals' goals and objectives.  Knowledge of program area.  Ability to prepare area specific reports.  Knowledge of available resources.  Ability to provide training and/or orientation services to individuals.  Ability to communicate both orally and in writing.  Ability to investigate any concerns or complaints and develop a resolution.  Ability to complete evaluations to determine functional level of individuals.  Knowledge of various recreational activities.  Ability to plan recreational activities for individuals.  Ability to participate in supportive guidance, staff supervision sessions, program planning meetings, consumer staffing, and service training.  Knowledge of agency safety policies and procedures.  Ability to operate state vehicles following all safety laws and procedures.  Ability to complete all daily housekeeping chores.  Ability to identify and report facility repairs and equipment problems.  Conflict resolution skills.  Ability to complete individual orientation sessions.  Ability to identify disruptive behavior.  Ability to train individuals in personal hygiene and other daily living activities.  Ability to recognize contributions and celebrate accomplishments. Ability to conduct individual and group training sessions for individuals.  Knowledge of agency accepted disciplinary techniques.  Knowledge of agency accepted group/interview techniques. Ability to develop teaching aids. Knowledge of case management.






ASPIRE BHDD Instructor 1 Job Description                                                                         Page 2


Position Title: Instructor I- SSS011                       

Position Number:                                  



    (Include emergency equipment, treatment equipment and high risk equipment)


Fire extinguisher, first aid kit, vans with or without a lift, adaptive equipment such as a wheelchair or Hoyer lift, computer.



_ X__Employee routinely performs tasks that involve exposure to blood or other potentially infectious

material as part of their assigned duties (Category I).


____Employee performs assigned tasks which does not involve exposure to blood or other

potentially infectious matter, BUT employment may require performing unplanned category I tasks

(Category II).


___    Employee performs assigned tasks which involve no exposure to blood or other potentially

infectious material AND performance of category I tasks are not a condition of employment

(Category Ill).






_ X_Direct Care






The Albany Area Community Service Board goal is to continually improve the delivery of service

by improvement of consumer outcomes and satisfaction. All employees have a role in performance

improvement and are expected to interact collaboratively with co-workers, and other contacts to

provide consistent, high-quality, consumer focused services.




Employees are expected to perform their work in a competent and efficient manner. 





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Position Title: Instructor I- SSS011                       

Position Number:                                  


Duties Include but not limited to:

  1. Safety
    1.  Assigned areas, walkways, and fire exits are neat, clean, and free of debris throughout the day.
    2. Cleaning protocol completed daily.
    3. Cleaning products stored in designated locked cabinet.
    4. All possible infections are reported to supervisor.
    5. Provide CPR, First Aid, CPI, or AAA as the situation presents.
    6. Assist people supported in services to and from the bus.
  2. Supervision of Individuals Supported through I/DD Services
    1. Enhanced Support for individual receiving funding for 1:1 Ration
    2. Maintain a maximum of a 1:10 ratio between staff and people supported
    3. Line of sight (if applicable)
    4. Report behavioral concerns to supervisor and track per Behavior Support Plan
    5. Develop training activities relevant to the ISP
  3. Documentation
    1. Tracking will be completed daily by end of shift
    2. Documentation will include goal progress (or lack of) and supporting activities
    3. Write a sufficiently detailed note person centered note to include things such as choices, participant response, staff involvement, what did you learn, what will you try differently, etc.
    4. Error corrections will be completed as follows:  One line drawn through the error, initials, and date.
    5. Supplemental documentation will be completed as required - (Seizure log, Elimination chart, Behavior log, Repositioning log, etc.)
    6. Tracking reflects the correct frequency as outlined in the ISP
    7. Tracking reflects the correct intent of all goals as outlined in the ISP
  4. Engagement with People Supported through Routine Day Services
    1. Instructor to individual relationship
    2. Interaction between individuals and other staff
    3. Communication- either visually or verbally
    4. Observations of socialization
  5. Provide personal supports as needed
    1. Toileting/Changing
    2. Bathing
    3. Grooming
    4. Laundry
  6. Environment of Care
    1. Serve as Primus Building Marshal
  7. Other duties as assigned


ASPIRE BHDD Instructor 1 Job Description                                                                         Page 4


Position Title: Instructor I- SSS011                       

Position Number:                                  






H.        Work Schedule: Monday – Friday; 7:30 AM – 3:30 PM; may be changed based on need

  of agency. This position is hourly and deemed non-exempt status.






I.                            VERIFICATION




   Signature of Employee                                                          Date




  Signature of Supervisor                                                          Date




  Signature of Team Leader/Program Manager                        Date