High School Intern

Job Summary: Provides services essential to Tribal Library operations. Assists with the Library Summer Program in activity sessions and preparing materials. Assists with and promotes the teen summer program.   Essential Functions: Helps maintains the library collection by ensuring that collection items are shelved correctly and items are aligned & standing straight.  Be available to assist patrons as nee

Enrichment Coordinator Aide (Seasonal- Summer)

Job Summary: Assists and leads activities for the Tribal K-12 summer program services.  Provides assistance in any area of the Youth Enrichment Program as assigned. Essential Functions: Assists or leads with scheduling and supervising on site activities or local field trips. Works with other staff to develop program activities as needed. Assists in maintaining program inventory and acquires ma

Chinuk Wawa Program Aide

Job Summary: To contribute to the Tribe's mission of preserving and perpetuating the cultural traditions of the Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde through assisting Chinuk Wawa Education Program in a Chinuk Wawa immersion classroom. Essential Functions: Develops a functional proficiency with Chinuk Wawa language. Develops personal literacy in written Chinuk Wawa. Attends linguistics, teaching methods

K-6 Math and Science Teacher

Job Summary: Aligning with the Tribe's mission of preserving and perpetuating the cultural and the revitalization of Chinuk Wawa, the K-6 Math & Science Teacher will be responsible for implementing innovative curriculum, managing and instructing classes, and designing lesson plans that allow for differentiated immersion instruction. During the school year, the teacher will be utilizing a "push-in" teaching model to serve grades K-6 in their primary classrooms. Durin

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