Social Service Provider 2, Licensed - Apex School-Based Therapist

Position Title:                         Apex Therapist/SSP 2

Position Number:                 

Work Unit:                              Aspire Youth and Young Adults

County:                                    Dougherty         

Immediate Supervisor:        Youth Services Coordinator   



Master's Degree in Counseling or other related field

Full licensure (LCSW, LPC, LMFT, ECT) or associate licensure actively pursuing full licensure (LAPC, LAMFT, LMSW, ECT)                                                              


Special needs of population serviced:

Work requires the knowledge and skills necessary to provide direct services appropriate to youth ages 5-26 and their families.


Assigned duties include:

initial and ongoing assessments, individual, group, and family therapy, quality collaborative documentation, maintain all required trainings and certifications, attend staffings of youth, participate as a team player, attend stakeholders meetings and collaborate with other agencies for the benefit of the youth, attend any state meetings as needed, prior insurance authorization completion, maintain 50 % billable productivity.


Bloodborne Pathogen Category:

Employee performs assigned tasks which involve no exposure to blood or other potentially infectious material AND performance of category I tasks are not a condition of employment

(Category III).                                                                                   


Mandatory Training Category (Check One)


___ Administrative                                 __X__Direct Care                                     ____Medical


Performance Improvement

Aspire Behavioral Health & Developmental Disabilities Services goal is to continually improve the delivery of service by improvement of consumer outcomes and satisfaction. All employees have a role in performance improvement and are expected to interact collaboratively with co-workers, and other contacts to provide consistent, high-quality, consumer focused services.


Age Related and Special Needs of Population Serviced

Work requires the knowledge and skills necessary to provide direct consumer services appropriate to youth ages 5-26 and their families.                


Staff should be able to:  (Define competency Areas)

  • Customer Service – Ability to provide helpful, courteous, accessible, responsive, and knowledgeable service to all youth, families, and stakeholders served
  • Accountability - Demonstrates knowledge of policies and procedures
  • Accountability - Ability to complete all related professional development trainings initially and annually
  • Accountability - Ability to keep all credentials and certificates up to date
  • Accountability - Knowledge of and adherence KPI standards
  • Accountability – Ability to maintain productivity standards set forth by agency     
  • Team Work and Cooperation - Ability to participate with fellow employees and community partners in a respectful and professional manner    
  • Results Orientation - Knowledgeable of EMR and able to complete agency and state required reports on word, excel, and other agency databases
  • Results Orientation – Ability to complete all required assessments with youth and their families          
  • Results Orientation - Ability to complete documentation in a timely manner
  • Results Orientation - Knowledgeable of insurance requirements and ability to complete insurance authorizations for services provided        
  • Judgment and Decision Making - Knowledgeable of eligibility requirements for core services, Apex, and other specialty programs for cross-referring and quality of care
  • Judgment and Decision Making - Knowledge of intervention protocols in collaboration for school and community



Assigned Duties


DESCRIPTION OF WORK DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:  (Type in or attach current description of duties.  Employees are expected to perform their work in a competent and efficient manner.  Include % of time)

  • Provides initial and ongoing behavioral health assessments, individual, group, and family sessions on school campus (and in-clinic as needed)
  • Completes all required supporting documentation within 24 hrs. from date of service
  • Completes all required prior authorizations for insurance reimbursement 
  • Assists with the facilitation of tiered interventions for each school being served as needed
    • Yearly Apex presentations
    • Teacher Lunch and Learns
    • Small Groups
    • Climate Change Projects
    • Classroom Guidance
    • Mental Health Alliance Participation
    • Trainings
  • Maintains a 50 % productivity with 50% dedicated to non-billable time (authorizations, reports, discharges, meetings, etc.)
  • Acts as a liaison between agency and contracted agencies
  • Assists with all reporting submissions to DBHDD, DFCS, COE including:
    • Monthly and quarterly monitoring reports
    • Annual and final project evaluation reports
  • Assists individual and family with whole health community linking to positively impact recovery:
    • Afterschool program
    • Tutoring
    • Easter Seals
    • Sports
    • Mentoring program
    • Nutritionist
    • PCP
  • Assist with attending community stakeholders as well as inner-agency meetings
    • Family Connections
    • School Meetings i.e. 504, RTI, IEP
  • Acts as a liaison between youth, MH providers, and other youth serving stakeholders
    • Establishing/strengthening partnerships with local schools, tutoring centers, SPED services, etc.
  • Attends all required agency and DBHDD trainings
  • Treats all with respect and dignity without preferential treatment
  • Communicates accurate information in a professional and courteous manner that conveys a willingness to assist
  • Uses appropriate, established chain of command
  • Follows the office's established practices to adhere to special communication/correspondence, emails, etc. that are of a personnel (human resources) nature